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  Thursday 18 February 2021
AWHA Qld Branch Colt Selection & Mare Classificati
The AWHA Qld Branch is conducting Colt Selection, Mare Classification and Classifier Training over a two day period, from 19-20 May 2021. We will have two interstate visiting Colt Selectors, one of which is the AWHA Ltd Head Classifier/Classifier Trainer, Lesley Archer (NSW).

Wednesday 19 May 2021, will see us travel up to the Sunshine Coast to Bellhaven Stud where we will be conducting Colt Selection, Mare Classification and Classifier Training. If you're interested in becoming a Shadow Classifier/Trainee, please contact Lesley Archer, via email Lesley will forward you the Trainee Classifier package and advise you of the process. Thursday 20 May will see us travel west through Gatton and onto Kings Siding for further Colt Selections and Mare Classifications.

If you wish to present your Colt for Selection or your Mare for Classification, please contact the AWHA Ltd Federal Registrar, Shanna Antrim, via email Further information regarding Colt Selection can be found under Section 9. Colt Selection and Section 6. Classification and Section 3. Registering an Anglo-Arab or Thoroughbred Mare:
Branch : Queensland
Contact : Shanna Antrim
Event : Qld Colt Selection Day / Classifier Training Day
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