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South Australia branch
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Beverley Hastings
P.O. Box 1346 
Murray Bridge SA 5253
0408 848 319

  South Australian Branch
Welcome to the South Australian Branch of the Australian Warmblood Horse Association Limited (AWHA Ltd). To join the South Australian Branch, please download the membership form and return to the Membership Co-ordinator whose address is on the form. The AWHA Ltd membership year is from the 1st of September to the 31st August.
  AWHA Ltd SA Office Bearers and Committee Members
President - Cheryl Hatswell (Director)
Vice President - Lisa Hosking (Director) 
Secretary - Beverly Hastings
Committee - Anne Smith
Committee - Wendy Hosking 
  AWHA Ltd SA Colt Classifiers
Geoff Chibnall
Cheryl Hatswell
  AWHA Ltd SA Mare Classifiers
Cheryl Hatswell
Geoff Chibnall
Mary Hovers
  AWHA Ltd SA Honorary Life Members
Cheryl Hatswell
Geoff Chibnall
Jan Rosie
Mary Hovers
Suzanne Merry
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